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Configurable Plastic Vaccumformed Packaging

Bomax thrives on being versatile and challenging the tailored plastic thermoformed packaging parameters along with our prototypes and execution. To establish a noteworthy customer engagement, we optimize the use of our swift prototyping resources alongside outstanding development outcomes. We would be there during the complete phase, from concept to architecting to manufacturing, to assist resolve any issues, offer insights, and guarantee that you are delighted on your ultimate customized vaccumformed plastic packaging solution. Discover more at Bomax concerning our functionalities.

Designs in Unique Plastic Packaging:

Your custom plastic packaging design starts with us understanding the objectives of your venture in aspects, of attributes aesthetic expectations, as well as other required criteria. To design a unique product that sets the commodity aside from the market, we then use our vivid imagination and expertise.
If you by now have an illustration, submit it over for analysis and we will collate on the concept.
To begin on your vacuum formed package designs, email us today!
To begin with step one and don't have any drawings?
That isn't a concern. A representative of the Bomax team will assist you along the design phase towards your innovative project or order. Proponents will be able to create a strategy that will satisfy your requirements by relating to your concerns and providing feedback all over the path.
During design, requirements generally labelled entail:
• Requisite reasonable revised dimensions
• Portable / Accommodative
• Choice of Content (Category and Opacity)
• Workability, &
• Viable Templates for Shape (Proportions, Number Up)
At Bomax, we are pleased to take the notion of a client and turn it into existence. From surgical syringes to wrenches to silicone moulds, our group has decades work expertise dealing with all of it. We are confident we will be able to locate an impressive personalized vaccumformed solution for your commodity.
To get started on your vaccumformed package designs, email us today!

Personalized Thin Gauge Vaccumform Packaging:

Here at Bomax specially made thinner gauge thermoform packing uses plastic only about 800 microns thicker with any standard component gauges of 180 microns - 800 mm being used. In a spectrum of raw materials, Thinner Gauge Vaccumforming is an easy, reliable method for producing volumes either huge or compact. Enterprises that also use this technique tend to involve, and are never restricted to, biomedical, agricultural, and service industry. HIPS, PET, and PVC are popularly utilized polymers We love constantly getting challenged and driven to discover innovations that explore the limits of vaccumforming. Bomax's Thin Gauge Vacuum Shaping activity will facilitate all your needs,whether you are aiming for a clamshell to highlight all your commercial merchandise, a tailored platter for a chocolate form, or a safe box for a medicinal product. To get started on your vaccumformed package designs, email us today!

Personalized Thick Gauge Vaccumform Packaging:

At Bomax personalized Thick Gauge & Heavy Gauge Plastic Vaccumforming refers to components that are dense from 800 microns to 2000 microns vacuum forming of massive gauge plastic enables the manufacture of enormous industrial products demanding massive duty substance. ABS, PET, HIPS and PVC are typically used components in thick gauge vaccumforming. Bomax’s Thick Gauge Vacuum Developing process incorporates a configuration of our solitarystation turbovaccumformers that offers us unparalleled flexibility and nearly endless options for our customers.

Swift Prototyping Plastic Packaging:

A fundamental aspect of the manufacturing process is the accelerated prototyping of personalized packaging. It gives a concrete glimpse to the consumer of their commodity. Bomax thrives itself on the consistent handing over of personalized plastic creations. Bomax incorporates multiple diverse solutions for handcrafted packaging designs, based on the scale and specifications of the product.

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